There are no uniform publication obligations for non-profit organisations in Germany. Those who work for the common good should nevertheless tell the community exactly what the organisation’s objectives are, where the funds come from, how they are used and who the decision-makers are.

We, the Tür an Tür – Digital Factory gGmbH, are happy to accept our responsibility towards the common good. For this reason, we voluntarily undertake to make the following information available to the public by making it easily accessible on our website with this declaration or by sending it electronically on request.

Tür an Tür – Digitalfabrik gGmbH

1. Name, registered office, address and year of foundation of our organisations

Tür an Tür – Digitalfabrik gGmbH
Wertachstr. 29
86153 Augsburg

Registered office: Augsburg
year of foundation: 2016

2. Complete articles of association and other documents that provide information on the concrete goals we pursue and how they are achieved.

(1) The object of the company is the initiation and implementation of projects on a digital basis, which are intended to promote the integration of people with a migration or flight background into society and the labour market.
(2) The object of the company is realised in particular through the following measures:
a. Implementation of projects that improve integration itself, the willingness to integrate, the intercultural exchange of information or the coexistence of people with a refugee or immigrant background using digital solutions;
b. Implementation of projects that support counselling, qualification and the provision of information for people with a migration or flight background, including digital solutions;
c. Development of digital solutions that improve work and organisation in the public and social sector.

Here you can find our complete articles of association: Download Articles of Association Tür an Tür – Digitalfabrik (German, 391 KB, PDF)

3. Information on tax relief

Name of the issuing tax office: Finanzamt Augsburg-Stadt
Tax identification number: 103/147/01750
Date of last issuance: 22.01.2018
Here you will find our notice of exemption: Download Notice of Exemption (German, 2,21 MB, PDF)

4. Name and function of key decision-makers

Daniel Kehne and Fritjof Knier are equal managing directors of Tür an Tür – Digital Factory gGmbH.

The main shareholder of the Tür an Tür – Digitalfabrik is the Tür an Tür – miteinander wohnen und leben e.V., which holds 70% of the shares. To the outside the association is represented by the fünfköpfigen executive committee. The remaining 30% are held by individuals who were already involved at the beginning of the Integreat project. These are Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar (14% of the shares) and Dr. Maximilian Schreieck (8%) from the Chair of Information Systemsn at the TU Munich and Prof. Dr. Manuel Wiesche (8%) from the Chair of Business Informatics at the TU Dortmund.

5. Social Reports on the activities of our organisation

You can find our social report 2016 here: Download Social Report 2016 (German, 3,7 MB, PDF)
You can find our social report 2017 here: Download Social Report 2017 (German, 4,6 MB, PDF)
You can find our social report 2018 here: Download Social Report 2018 (German, 2,0 MB, PDF)
You can find our social report 2019 here: Download Social Report 2019 (German, 1,8 MB, PDF)

6. Staff structure

The Tür an Tür – Digitalfabrik gGmbH employs 10 full-time employees as of July 2020. Thereof 9 jobs in part-time, 1 job via fee contract. In addition, we have 5 SHK positions from the DAAD Welcome Programme at the TU Munich and TU Dortmund. If required, we use honorary staff for PR, design and development. About 20 volunteers work on the Integreat-App on a regular basis.

7. Source of funding

Information on all income can be found in the annual social report.

8. Application of funds

Information on the use of all revenues can be found in the annual social report.

9. Corporate affiliation with third parties, e.g. parent or subsidiary, development association, outsourced business enterprise, partner organisation

The Tür an Tür – miteinander wohnen und leben e.V. is the main shareholder of Tür an Tür – Digitalfabrik gGmbH with 70% of the shares.

10. Names of persons and organisations whose annual contributions account for more than ten percent of our joint annual income

Not applicable.